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WIOO is an international, non-partisan organization that aims to unite women with a passion for olive oil. We contribute in meaningful and innovative ways to the individual, collective, and societal advancement of our members with coordinated activities, actions, and events carried out at a local and global level.

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We create a common thread that unites women at all levels of the olive oil industry.


Access the global professional network of women in the diverse WIOO community wherever you are in the world.


Engage with a nurturing community specifically designed for women in the olive oil industry, where support, encouragement, and inclusivity thrive.


Gain exclusive access to a wealth of educational materials, expertise, written resources, online content, and engaging discussion forums.

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This is what we know. Women, throughout history and across cultures, have been leading the way toward more equitable and sustainable solutions on issues of importance to us all.

Women have had key roles in farming, caring for the earth, educating the young, and feeding families. And, within their communities, they have worked together to achieve these common goals with efficiency and clarity, all while developing a sense of cohesion, teamwork, and social stability.

With today’s technology, including social media, we have new platforms through which women can and do connect. Women who once worked together in the confines of their towns or villages to achieve great goals can now collaborate extensively. We are building a dynamic network, and the possibilities for change are endless.

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It feels wonderful to be connected to women all over the world sharing passion for olive oil. And I’ve reconnected with some women I had met along the way in my career.

Nancy Ash

Undoubtedly with WIOO it boosted networking between women in the olive sector. WIOO started at the perfect moment and launched a network that will stay forever, beyond any formal construction.

Catarina Bairrao Balula

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With your help, WIOO can provide women in the olive oil industry with the essential tools and support they need to advance common goals within their local communities and with a far-reaching international impact.


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Your generosity will empower women to continue their distinctive leadership, paving the way toward local and global projects that promote real ecological change.


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Become a sustaining force behind women in the olive oil industry. As chefs and farmers, millers and chemists, tasters and educators, importers and exporters, retailers, and beyond, women are changing the world


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Join us in our mission to create a vibrant worldwide community. We are sharing experiences and building a robust support network to empower and advance women, both individually and within society, using the powerful bond of olive oil as our common link.