It’s All About the Oil, Jill

Jill’s biography includes many accolades:

  • A Certified Sommelier and Ambassador of Olive Oil from the International Culinary Center, NYC with specialized training in MEDITERRANEAN FOOD and DIET. (UOA)
  • Oldways Culinaria Ambassador-Rediscover Goodness in Cultural Food Traditions.
  • A Consultant and Educator on Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
  •  Extra Virgin Olive Oil Educator for the Mediterranean Diet Round Table.
  • Slow Food Liaison to the National Board for Piedmont, Virginia (2020)
  • Founder and CEO of Women In Olive Oil™️

In this episode, we talk about Jill’s early encounters with Olive Oil and the reasons why Jill started the Women In Olive Oil (a Non-Governmental Organisation) initiative.